Red Tractor Assurance Meat Processing Scheme Standards – Red Tractor

Safe And Local Supplier Approval – Salsa certificate
Independent Accreditation Scheme which we joined to prove our systems are suitable, applicable and operate appropriately. We have a full indepth audit once a year.

Food Standards Agency – Food Hygiene certificate
Covers our hygiene and handling procedures at Bridge Farm Shop.

Food Standards Agency – Approved Meat Cutting Plant
Authorisation from the FSA to operate as a Licensed Cutting Plant. Audited on all of our systems by the FSA every 5 months.

Food Standards Agency – Approved Meat Cutting Plant 
Rewrapping and Cold Store. Additional authorisation from the FSA for cutting plant license.

Q Guild of Butchers – Approved Producer
We have a quality audit by the Q Guild every 18 months of all our quality systems and produce.

RPA – Beef Labelling Scheme Approval
SAI Global – Beef Labelling Regulations
We have chosen to have the provenance of our beef officially recognised and certified as Naturally Reared in the West Country by these two highly reputable organisations, who both audit our beef supplies and handling systems once a year to ensure full compliance.